Tokong Laut

  • Tokong Laut, Top Perhentian Islands Diving Site

    Tokong Laut, Top Perhentian Islands Diving Site

    Solitary of the best diving sites in the Perhentian, Tokong Laut has never been ignored as one of the place to be visited by diving enthusiasts. Below the escalating blue ocean, an underwater world with full of life, vivid existence of fishes and reefs that never fail to overwhelm your diving experience. Abundance with marine exquisitely, where you will be able to look upon the beauty of some coral reefs and fishes, boulders that where sharks can be seen along the ledges, like Coral Cat Sharks and Bamboo Sharks. And by chance you might discover some turtles and whale sharks. There are also large schools of fishes which pass by, like some snappers and travallies. Barracudas and jacks can be seen at the open water of the summit. Along the boulders of the pinnacle, black corals, smooth corals, anemones, sponges and various kinds of fishes, like blue-ringed angelfish, damselfish and nurse sharks are can be found. You may also witness the feeding frenzy with aquatic predators and millions of tiny crustaceans.

    Tokong Laut is a top notch diving site for people who were aficionado of the marine life gorgeousness. You might capture the perfect picture moment with the colorful reefs and embellish number of fishes and several aquatic species. I suggest that this place is for advance divers as you will go down deeper up to the height of 24m. Diversity of the marine life and the landscape of the place are the reasons for divers to frequently visit.

    Best Time to Dive

    Best time to dive at Tokong Laut is at dry season between March and May, where the current is calm and greater chance of visibility underwater, as for other months, tidal conditions and visibility changes affected by the weather. You can settle some diving tour for the following months in the shallow waters of the pinnacle. Underwater visibility is seasonally affected, so get better chance if you book for the summer time in Tokong Laut.

    Getting There and Around

    Located at the northwest part of the archipelago, Temple of the Sea or Tokong Laut is just about 6.3 sailing miles from Pantai Deluk Dalam. A speed boat can take you for about 30 minutes to your destination. You will be able to pass by the magnificent beauty of the Palau Susu Dara’s rocky island. It is common to see some dive boats early in the morning at this place, tourists preparing to dive and plunge.