Tanjung Besi

  • Diving at the Perhentian’s Best – Tanjung Besi

    Diving at the Perhentian’s Best – Tanjung Besi

    Tanjung Besi or mostly known as Iron Cape which has a maximum depth of 18 meters is a gorgeous hard coral reef surrounded in a vibrant garden of table corals as well as staghorn. It begins as shallow as 2 meters beneath the surface area causing it to be ideal for the good lengthy dive and is also perfect for snorkelers to check out as well. In shallow water, you could typically see schools of bigeye snappers, silver batfish, and squid that pass by.

    In the direction of the northern slope of Perhentian Besar, the coral reef develops into a bunch of huge boulder rocks exactly where large morays as well as brown marbled groupers conceal and usually you come across kingfish, trevallys, and reef sharks gliding towards the current around the reef’s edge. Around the rocky sand bottom, you are going to see several titan as well as yellow margin triggerfish welcoming you throughout your dive. This dive spot is among the couple of houses to various species of surgeonfish such as the unicorn, orange spine, plus the stunning Moorish idol.

    The best time to dive at this site is from March to October. In the months of November to February, the North-East monsoon gives justice for strong winds and rough seas in which diving here is not recommended.

    Level: Advanced Diver and Beyond
    Depth: 5m-25m
    Current: Can be relatively strong
    Getting There: By speedboat for 30 minutes