Rubic Cube Reef

  • Diving at Rubic Cube Reef – One of the Perhentian Islands’ Best

    Diving at Rubic Cube Reef – One of the Perhentian Islands’ Best

    Islands of Perhentian have a few of the best diving sites in the whole wide world. It lies on the east seaboard of Malaysia’s cape that have more than 20 dive destinations that absolutely provide satisfaction to any sort of dive levels. From the island edging reefs, splendid coral formations, sunken reefs, pinnacles, synthetic reefs to astounding shipwrecks.

    One of the best dive destinations in Perhentian Islands is the Rubix Cube Reef which lies along the south west cost and one of the beautifully made synthetic reef dive site that has a depth of 20 meters. It is falsified of strewn square cemented blocks as well as round cemented blocks along with the wrecks of a fishing vessel from Vietnam. The blockages serve as a deterrent to fishing vessels who tug at their netting on the blockages. Though visibility is relatively poor on this site however the marine life is abundant along with the sizeable schools of fish. From scorpoinfish, lionfish, pufferfish, sweetlips and parrotfish… these are just a few of the species that are visibly prosperous here.

    Best Time to Dive

    The ideal time of year to dive around the Perhentian Islands is from April to September, this is actually the dry season and once the ocean is even. Beyond peak season, the Rubix Cube Reef and the rest of Perhentian Islands relatively go out of business.

    Getting There and Around

    Take a flight to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia’s capital city) and from there, take a flight to Kota Bahru or Kuala Terengganu, and from there take a bus or a car ride to the jetty of Kuala Besut. There are day-to-day boat rides that are transporting tourists and visitors to the island.