Pulau Rawa

  • Diving at the Exquisite Pulau Rawa of the Perhentian Islands

    Diving at the Exquisite Pulau Rawa of the Perhentian Islands

    One of the most popular tourists spot and mostly visited by diving aficionado is the island of Rawa. Situated 16km from the mainland or also known as Mersing, the paradise is just 30 minutes away ride by a speedboat. The name Pulau Rawa means “white dove” for it is known as home of several species of birds like sea eagles and doves, also some reptiles are found in this place. It’s famous by its powdery coral sand, vast palm trees and wealthy marine life, Rawa Island is also branded for diving adventure location.

    Pulau Rawa is fairly a small island but it has a bountiful inland and aquatic habitat for some animals. The water is crystal clear and the view is spectacular. The west side part of the island is a sandy beaches and the eastern part is rocky cliffs. There are couples of caves and swim-through here, perfect for snorkeling and swimming, complemented with boulders covered with soft corals, black corals and sea fans. Abundant of colorful and immense number of fishes and marine creatures, the island is really a perfect diving site.

    The Best Time to Dive

    The recommended and typically time to dive at this place is during dry or summer season, where weather is right and water current is calm. The peak season is from April until October. Lots of tourists come here usually from Malaysia and Singapore, and some other foreign countries. For the rest months of the year, the weather is relatively random. So you need to book for the right season and you may also ask your friends or someone who come here recently if it’s a right time to go diving.

    How to Get There

    The only way to reach island Rawa is by boat. Speedboats can take you there for 30 minutes or by ferries that takes an hour to make. If the boat is bound from Mersing to Tioman, another place to get to Rawa, you must ask them to drop you at Rawa. The fare or the ticket cost would be around RM45. For the speedboat fare, depends on the weather condition or number of groups, it will cost for about RM35-45. It is advised to book your ferry tickets in advance during weekends and holidays.

    To get around the island or to the other islands nearby, there are chartered small boats for snorkeling and excursion trips, around RM80 for day trips. There also kayaks and hobbycats available to rent at the Rawa Safari Island Resort.