Pasir Tani Wreck

  • Pasir Tani Wreck (Shipwreck)

    Pasir Tani Wreck (Shipwreck)

    The Pasir Tani Wreck or as often called Vietnamese Wreck dive site is just situated away from the south west coast of the Perhentian Kecil. It was once a twin-screw landing vessel used by the Vietnamese refugees to run away and find liberty from the dictatorship of communism from their country that submerged year 1976 whilst being hauled towards Kuala Besut, Terrenganu for restorations. And now stretches upright in about 22 meters of water.

    Pasir Tani Wreck is a home of boxfish, batfish, angelfish, groupers and a lot more within the shipwreck. At times, there can be found lionfish, scorpionfish, stingrays, jacks, stonefish, wrasse and barracudas. The visibility is somewhere between 5 to 10 meters and currents can be occasionally strong. The dive site is suitable for advanced divers and beyond.

    Best Time to Dive

    The best time to dive in Pasir Tani Wreck is from April to September where dry season occurs and the sea level is even.

    Getting There

    Pasir Tani Wreck is situated somewhere between 25-40 minutes away by means of speedboat and 1 ½ hours via slow boat. There are many boat operators from the jetty of Kuala Besut that offer boat services to Perhentian Islands.