Batu Nisan

  • Batu Nisan

    Batu Nisan

    Batu Nisan or Tomb Stone Reef in English is a shallow reef that lies on the east coast of Perhentian Kecil. The dive site is ideal for day and night diving and snorkeling. Only one or two meters away from the shore, the rocky reef with largely hard as well as boulder corals commences in shallow water and that is suitable for first-timers or in the event you have not dived in quite a while as you are able to end up with a pleasant shallow basic and longer dive with no current.

    As you may dive around the reef fringe, you will come across Jenkin whiprays, blue spotted stingrays and plenty of little gobies as well as shrimps that are spreading out throughout the sand.

    All through the entire dive, you will discover a great deal of brilliantly colored anemones with some other varieties of clownfish (nemos) dwelling inside together with turtles, angelfish, batfish and if ever you are lucky enough you will see a school of bumphead parrotfish that pass by.

    Dive Site: Batu Nisan (Tombstone)
    Location: Perhentian, Malaysia
    Getting There: By speedboat in 30 minutes
    Depth: 5 – 12 meters
    Visibility: 15 meters
    Best Time: March – October