Artificial Reef

  • Pasir Kerangi (Artificial Reef)

    Pasir Kerangi (Artificial Reef)

    This dive happens to be an artificial reef made out of the PVC pipes laid down by way of the Fisheries Department in the year 1991. The latticework is measured and lies in 18m of water, it is intended to showcase coral development and a few soft corals have reached already 60 cm high by jut feeding of nutrient rich gusts. Pasir Kerangi is likewise home to several tinier fishes just like gobys, wrasse and damsels.

    Artificial reef homes as well schools of fusiliers, groupers, butterflyfish, snappers, moray eels, lionfish and pufferfish.

    Average Depth: 10 meters
    Maximum Depth: 18-19 meters
    Visibility: Good (10-30 meters)
    Currents: Occasional
    Getting there: Boat 15 minutes
    Access: By boat
    Best months: Mar / Sept