Dive Sites

  • Perhentian Dive Sites

    -A dive to its clear and bluish water will serve as a once in a lifetime experience not only by feeling its good ambiance but also by seeing various sea creatures that are totally eye catching and breath taking.

  • Artificial Reef

    Artificial Reef

    This dive happens to be an artificial reef made out of the PVC pipes laid down by way of the Fisheries Department in the year 1991. The latticework is measured and lies in 18m of water, it is intended to showcase coral development and a few soft corals have reached already 60 cm high by jut feeding of nutrient rich gusts. Pasir Kerangi is likewise home to several tinier fishes just like gobys, wrasse and damsels.

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  • Batu Nisan

    Batu Nisan

    Batu Nisan or Tomb Stone Reef in English is a shallow reef that lies on the east coast of Perhentian Kecil. The dive site is ideal for day and night diving and snorkeling. Only one or two meters away from the shore, the rocky reef with largely hard as well as boulder corals commences in shallow water and that is suitable for first-timers or in the event you have not dived in quite a while as you are able to end up with a pleasant shallow basic and longer dive with no current.

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  • Gua Kamping

    Gua Kamping

    Perhentian Islands is situated just away from the eastern side shoreline of Malaysia Peninsula within the town of Terengganu are a couple of tropical islets called Perhentian Kecil (which means “small”) and Perhentian Besar (which means “big”). They were previously mercantile trading sites however they are now paradise islands for vacationers and scuba divers.

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  • Pasir Tani Wreck

    Pasir Tani Wreck

    The Pasir Tani Wreck or as often called Vietnamese Wreck dive site is just situated away from the south west coast of the Perhentian Kecil. It was once a twin-screw landing vessel used by the Vietnamese refugees to run away and find liberty from the dictatorship of communism from their country that submerged year 1976 whilst being hauled towards Kuala Besut, Terrenganu for restorations. And now stretches upright in about 22 meters of water.

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  • Pulua Rawa

    Pulua Rawa

    One of the most popular tourists spot and mostly visited by diving aficionado is the island of Rawa. Situated 16km from the mainland or also known as Mersing, the paradise is just 30 minutes away ride by a speedboat. The name Pulau Rawa means “white dove” for it is known as home of several species of birds like sea eagles and doves, also some reptiles are found in this place. It’s famous by its powdery coral sand, vast palm trees and wealthy marine life, Rawa Island is also branded for diving adventure location.

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  • Rubic Cube Reef

    Rubic Cube Reef

    Islands of Perhentian have a few of the best diving sites in the whole wide world. It lies on the east seaboard of Malaysia’s cape that have more than 20 dive destinations that absolutely provide satisfaction to any sort of dive levels. From the island edging reefs, splendid coral formations, sunken reefs, pinnacles, synthetic reefs to astounding shipwrecks.

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  • Sugar Wreck

    Sugar Wreck

    The Sugar Wreck or locally called as Kapal Gula which has a maximum depth of 18 meters is known as a 3,500 ton cargo ship identified as M/V Union Star 17, which had been on its way towards Indonesia for restorations but it got trapped on December 16, 2000 due to a monsoon storm and then wrecked 6 maritime miles away from Kuala Besut in Terengganu because of a leakage. The mercantile ship was transporting several tons of sugar – and so the name is Sugar Wreck.

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  • Tanjung Besi

    Tanjung Besi

    Tanjung Besi or mostly known as Iron Cape which has a maximum depth of 18 meters is a gorgeous hard coral reef surrounded in a vibrant garden of table corals as well as staghorn. It begins as shallow as 2 meters beneath the surface area causing it to be ideal for the good lengthy dive and is also perfect for snorkelers to check out as well. In shallow water, you could typically see schools of bigeye snappers, silver batfish, and squid that pass by.

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  • Terumbu Tiga

    Terumbu Tiga

    Tiger Rock is the English translation of Terumbu Tiga, it’s among the finest dive destinations within the east coast of the Perhentian Islands. This dive destination seems to have almost everything. Boulder structures manifest valleys as well as swim-throughs which are covered with gorgonian seafans.

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  • Tokong Laut

    Tokong Laut

    Solitary of the best diving sites in the Perhentian, Tokong Laut has never been ignored as one of the place to be visited by diving enthusiasts. Below the escalating blue ocean, an underwater world with full of life, vivid existence of fishes and reefs that never fail to overwhelm your diving experience.

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